How to crack the Joint Entrance Exam

How to crack the Joint Entrance Exam | 9 most useful preparation tips

How to crack the Joint Entrance Exam

1. Prepare a subject-wise checklist to revise or to practice

2. Do not plan for anything new at the moment. However, when you revise topics to try to do it from JEE Advanced perspective also, which will help you later during JEE Advanced preparation

3. If you have not been able to revise Class 11 syllabus between November 2016 and January 2017, then you must devote one or two days to do a quick revision of Class 11 syllabus as almost 40-45 percent questions will be asked from that portion. Revisit your revision notes for a quick recapitulation of concepts, formulae, fact-based information and definition etc

4. In JEE Main few questions could be asked which might be related to practical. Students who have done practically in school will be able to answer. Hence, refer to lab manual or practical notebook to refresh your memory

5. Attempt a full-length test paper every alternate day i.e. a minimum of 2-3 question paper before JEE Main. Make sure you analyse your attempts, the hits and the misses and the reason for the misses. If you are writing a paper based JEE Main then attempt paper based test and if you are going to appear in online form then your practice must be in online form. Those of you who will be appearing JEE Main in online form, do make sure you solve April 2 offline

6. If there are any particular type of numerical question(s) on topics which you had faced difficulty before, then try solving few representative questions just to renew your confidence. If you are still having difficulty now, simply move on. Do not get upset about it. you may prepare for GATE Exam then which books to buy, so best books for gate exam preparation one should buy

7. Last 48 hours before JEE Main must be kept as light as possible

8. Sleep well and devote six to seven hours of sleep daily. Avoid late night studies. Keep a watch on your diet and have your food on time

9. Engage in light free hand exercise and relax for some time

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